A LOVER'S PROMISE( Lovers in site pls read)

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A LOVER'S PROMISE( Lovers in site pls read)

Post  Mahmud on Thu May 28, 2009 3:34 am



I promise you the stars
I promise you the moon
I promise I would love you
For an eternity of June's

I say I would swim the ocean
Cross the desert with one shoe
I claim i would move mountains
If they keep me away from you

I protest my love for you
Is deeper than the sea
Higher than the highest star
And further than it could be.

I promise to take you around the world
To some small romantic place
Where we would lie in the sun
And the nectar of life we'd taste.

Yes i promise all these things
As so many lovers do
Forgive me if I exaggerate
And my promises do not come true

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