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Post  Mahmud on Fri May 29, 2009 8:12 pm

Good Hearted Gentleman

7 hours ago
the definition of a hand, with the ability to hold the entire world in it's palms,
a description of eyes,
that can pierce even the hardest of hearts.
Eyes with the ability to see through any wall that stands between you and I.
Beautiful words spoken from the lips of an angel
with a voice that can sing the song of our present and future.
A voice that can ease any mind,on the hardest of days.
I think you're beautiful, thats what I think.
I believe every word you say, and I keep any secret you tell.
So what kind of a woman is Beautiful?
You, who can't control the amount of emence beauty that you contain,
beauty is a woman who has all the reason to make a lost soul found
so, find me.
Because I think you're beautiful. Beauty is you.
A beautiful mind and a beautiful smile, Beautiful courage and beautiful insanity.
You are insane with pride, deserving of all that you gain.
What you gain is greatness and poetry. What kind of a woman is beautiful?
Beauty is you, I think you're Beautiful

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