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Love Poem--------------

Post  Mahmud on Fri May 29, 2009 3:17 pm

Love Within

As I sat down remembering
My first meeting with you
I can help but to wonder...
Is there something within
That makes me stand out
From your other friends ?

You have told me then...
I am different
Though I am thankful but
My mind still seeks
What makes me special
For you to keep me,
Here with you...

Something in my mind keeps coming back…
Can’t help but ask
Is there love within your heart?
This is the question I wanna ask…

Within your heart, you told me
“I wanna keep you,
For I want you to be my true friend and lover too”
These words make my heart beat faster
Feeling the love within…
Though I know
It is just a long distance love affair
But still... there is LOVE WITHIN…

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