Using Aloe Vera for Sunburn Treatment

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Using Aloe Vera for Sunburn Treatment

Post  Eternity on Thu May 12, 2011 12:36 am

Using Aloe Vera for Sunburn Treatment:

Sunburned skin or lips can be very painful. The Aloe Vera plant can reduce the redness,inflammation and pain that sunburn causes. It can give you a lot of relief. The Ancient Egyptions used aloe vera regularly for healing burns. It is a naturally healing plant. Try the aloe vera plant for sunburned lips also. I have actually seen it work.


Aloe Vera plant leaves
Aloe Vera plant gel or lotion
Vitamin E

Step 1
Break off a few aloe vera plant leaves from the plant. Put the aloe vera plant leaves in the refrigerator until they are cold. Peel back the top layer of the leaves until the juice runs or oozes out.

Step 2
After washing hands apply aloe vera plant leaf juice mixed with a little vitamin E oil generously with a light touch to the sunburned skin or lips as often as possible.

Step 3
If you don't have a plant to get the leaves from use a aloe vera gel or lotion purchased from your local drugstore.


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