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Post  tee13 on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:47 pm

[b]With out a word was how you left
the silence kills my soul
cold from the hurt my heart will stay
but my love for you I'll never let go
so I'll die with hope of thinking you'll come back
but love was everything we ever lacked

Goodbye was what you could have at lest said
or maybe I'm just not worth those words
or was it fear of seeing tears
well if so i hope you know they fall in the shadow of my soul
were my conscience calls to your name

Words my moth can never say come to mind
I'd tell you if you were mine

you'll find in my heart
were dreams are only dreams made to never come true
but I'll always be dreaming dreaming of you
because hun it's you
the one i plead for the one i bleed for
the one i need to hold.


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