The Background

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The Background

Post  PatriciaKolby on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:03 pm

The first and foremost problem faced by every management is co-ordination. The person in charge of advertising area may not be able to achieve the desired degree of success unless he succeed in co-coordinating his departmental activities with those of others having deep and delicate bearing on his performance and achievement. Co-ordination is the first step to be done than planning and controlling. The advertising managers have to maintain two-way relation of give and take with other functional areas of organization. Thus his efforts will be supplemented and supported by those of others, who are associated with the organizations activities.
Personal selling, sales promotion. Public relations, research etc are the functions associated with advertising and there for with the modeling industry. Among all those public relation is the most sensitive thing that is to be handled very carefully. It’s a management function that determines the attitudes and opinions of the company’s customers and formulates and executes programs, in order to earn the goodwill and understanding of the general public. Public relation is considered to be as the most powerful communication tool that which have the objective to form and maintain favorable impression from its targeted segment.
Looking for fashion models is not a vague process. There are strong backgrounds behind it, right from the process of co-ordination, planning, organizing etc. Setting up things based on all these functions states out what type of advertising pattern they need what type of model they need and so on. So, the consideration of models can be taken as the middle or last step while comparing with the initial or prime necessities of the industry.


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