Life is Nothing with out you

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Life is Nothing with out you

Post  Mahmud on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:09 pm

Life is Nothing
Without You

My life is nothing without you sweetheart
You are the glue that holds me together
And keeps me from falling apart
I’ve loved you from the very beginning
When our eyes met for the first time
I was willing to do anything
To see it again
And see your glowing smile
And hear your voice again
After all this time together
Your voice will echo
From now to forever
We have experienced every wonder of the highest points
To the nightmares
And horrors of the lowest points
What we have has never faded once
And it will never fade, never.
I don’t care how rough our life might be
As long as your there with me
It will always be the best it can be.
Because it doesn’t matter if all I have is you
Since you are my everything.
And life is nothing without you.
And everything in the world
couldn’t replace that
If you promise to always stay by my side
I will promise you to always
keep what we have intact
Because I’d rather have nothing and only you
Then everything without you

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