Endless Love

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Endless Love

Post  Mahmud on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:54 am


My love for you will never end,
You are my true one and only.
My desire for you will never die,
Because my loving heart will never leave you lonely.

You are the sun in my sky,
And the moon in my night
You are the reason why I smile,
And the love in my life

You are the reason I rise in the morning,
Looking forward to you gorgeous smile.
You are the reason I lie to rest at night,
Because in my dreams everything is OH, so, right.

My love, passion, and devotion for you will never end,
As long as you are in my life
You are the reason I stay around,
You make my life seem so sound.

You helped me forget my past,
Which is something I need to do?
I thank you greatly for that,
Is your love for me true?

You wouldn't treat me like you do,
If it was true
That's what I am thinking,
Would you?

I trust you with my loving heart,
And I will forever cherish our memories.
I will never let our love die,
Because what we have is ENDLESS LOVE

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Post  mOon_lhr on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:17 pm

wow MAHMUD BRO v lovly poetry v nice Smile keep it up

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