You're Everything------------

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You're Everything------------

Post  Mahmud on Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:27 am

You're Everything

I am the constellation, to your night
And I am the shelter to your storms
I'm the deepest of your desires, and
The flame to your candle that burns.

I am the waves to your bluest ocean
I'm the rhythm, inside of your heart
I'm the rain that falls from your sky
I am the day that's before your dark.

I am the garden to your reddest rose
I'm all the stars, to your every night
I am the wings to help you soar and
The vision whenever you need sight.

I'm a sunrise, to your every morning
I am the treasure lost neath your sea
I'm the sunset to your every evening
I'm the beauty in nature that you see.

I'm the bird, who sings in your trees
I'm the dreams, whenever you sleep
I am the destiny you've searched for
And I am the journey, that you seek.

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